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      Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

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      We Perform Neurological and Non-Neurological MRI Orders for Brain, Spine, Pelvis and All Extremities at three locations.

      Lake Barrington | Libertyville | Rolling Meadows

      What Is an MRI?

      Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a medical imaging technique used by doctors to visualize internal structures of the body in detail. It is a unique technology that makes use of the property of nuclear magnetic resonance to image nuclei of atoms inside the body.

      This technology is often an integral part of the evaluation and management of neurological patients, as MRI can generate more detailed images of the nervous system than X-rays or CT scans. And unlike conventional imaging, MRI does not use radiation.

      What Is MRI Used to Diagnose?

      MRI is commonly used to detect many neurological conditions, including:

      • Brain malformations associated with a seizure disorder
      • Chiari Malformation
      • Multiple sclerosis and other demyelinating diseases
      • Pinched nerves in the spine and other spine conditions
      • Stroke, brain hemorrhage, and cerebrovascular disease
      • Syrinx
      • Tumors of the spine or brain
      • Vascular malformations and aneurysms larger than 5 mm
      • MRI is also frequently used to diagnose and guide surgical planning for non-neurological issues, such as bone and joint injuries and conditions, and cancerous or benign tumors.

      Why Choose Northwest Neurology for Your MRI?

      We make MRI’s simple and convenient.

      Convenience and Value

      • Orders from outside doctors welcome.
      • Same-day and Saturday appointments available. No long waits.
      • Easy accessibility and free parking.
      • High quality and lower cost than hospital facilities
      • Images and reports are typically available within 1 business day. Get your results faster.
      • All major insurance plans are accepted. We also offer a self-pay option with payment plans.
      • We offer 3 locations for MRI, which include the following:


      Comfort and Quality

      • Our machines have a larger opening for a more comfortable experience, allowing patients with claustrophobia or anxiety to better tolerate the procedure.
      • Our MRI technicians have specialized training to perform MRIs of the spine, pelvis, all extremities, brain, and MRA/MRV studies as well.
      • All MRIs are read by board-certified radiologists, specially trained in MRI.
      • We use the latest technology. Our equipment is high field 1.5 T magnet with shorter scan times and more precise images.
      • Headphones available: relax and listen to your favorite music.

      Simple Scheduling

      • Tell your physician you want your MRI performed at Northwest Neurology.
      • Once your doctor’s office obtains prior authorization from your insurance, ask for your order and insurance authorization to be faxed to 224-288-6053.
      • Please call (847) 882-6604 to schedule your MRI in Lake Barrington, Libertyville, or Rolling Meadows. Or, request an appointment by clicking on the request appointment button below.
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      What You Should Know About Your MRI

      • Patients should wear comfortable clothing with no metal; leave jewelry at home.
      • Patients will be required to remove all other metal objects prior to the study (keys, money clips, coins, etc.)
      • If you’re having contrast, drink plenty of water before and after your study.
      • During an MRI, the technician will request that the patient lie still to facilitate the highest quality study.
      • Patients with multiple MRI orders experience significantly prolonged periods of time in which they are required to lay still. This results in more patient movement, which compromises image quality. Therefore, it is our procedure to schedule MRI orders on separate days so we can ensure the best quality study.  

      Patient Testimonials

      • “The techs are so compassionate and knowledgeable. I won’t go anywhere else but Northwest Neurology for my MRI.”
      • “My tech was so patient and put me at ease, which made my anxiety disappear.”
      • “I got my MRI done the day after it was ordered and I got results the next day. It worked out great.”
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