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      Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

      Low Cost MRI Chicago Suburbs

      Why get an MRI at Northwest Neurology:

      • Neuro and non-neurological MRI services available
      • Latest technology, high field 1.5T magnet for a more precise study
      • Low cost - save more than 50% over other facilities
      • Same day and Saturday appointments available
      • Images are rapidly available for physician review
      • Self pay option available
      • All studies are read by a neuroradiologist or MRI-fellowship trained radiologist

      If you’re in need of an MRI, Northwest Neurology can save you money and time with our onsite MRI.

      Call (847) 882-6604 to schedule an appointment today.

      Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a medical imaging technique used by doctors to visualize internal structures of the body in detail. MRI is a unique technology which makes use of the property of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) to image nuclei of atoms inside the body. This technology is often an integral part of the evaluation and management of neurological patients, as the images generated by MRI can create more detailed images of the nervous system than is possible with Xrays or CT scanning. In contrast to conventional imaging, there is no radiation from MRI. During an MRI, the technician will request that the patient lay still to facilitate the highest quality study.

      MRI was first used by neurologists in the mid-1980s and has advanced considerably since that time. Use of MRI in clinical neurology has led to superior diagnostic accuracy compared with the past. MRI is commonly used to detect many neurological conditions including:

      • Brain malformations associated with seizure disorder
      • Changes related to radiation treatment
      • Chiari Malformation
      • Multiple sclerosis and other demyelinating diseases
      • Pinched nerves in the spine and other spine conditions
      • Strokes, brain hemorrhage and cerebrovascular disease
      • Syrinx
      • Tumors of the spine or brain
      • Vascular malformations and aneurysms greater than 5 mm

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