Dr. Bikshorn discusses the importance of early detection in treatment of stroke.


Offices in Lake Barrington, Rolling Meadows and Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Northwest Neurology is the leading independent neurology practice in the Chicago area and suburbs.  Northwest Neurology's regional offices accomodate patients referred from throughout the Chicago area, northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.  The eight physicians at Northwest Neurology provide expertise in the evaluation and treatment of concussion, migraine, headache, epilepsy, seizure disorder, Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, memory loss, dementia, stroke, neuromuscular disease including myasthenia gravis, neuropathy and more.  As home to the preeminent Multiple Sclerosis Center in Chicago's surrounding suburbs, the MS Center of Northwest Neurolgy is recognized by the National Multiple Scerosis Society and the the Consortium of National Multiple Sclerosis Centers.  Direceted by Dr. George Katsamakis, the MS Center is one of the largest of its kind, caring for approximately 1500 patients. 

Northwest Neurology is committed to providing comprehensive, coordinated care.  Integrated services are available onsite including MRI, ultrasound, EEG, EMG, infusion and neuropsychological testing.  Northwest Neurology also recognizes that often patients need more than what the best medicine can provide.  A focus on wellness and better health can help complement traditional medical treatment.   Northwest Neurology is now scheduling onsite appointments with Lesli Bitel-Koskela, an experienced certified patient coach and nutritionist.  Many conditions including migraine, MS, neuropathy, stroke, dementia and others may be impacted by dietary and lifestyle factors.  Nutritonal treatment and patient coaching can assist with management of these disorders and lead to better health.  Onsite appointments are also available with Lorena Nehring, an experienced wellness and social services coordinator.  Lorena has a background in nursing, care coordination and patient/caregiver support.  She performs a needs assessment, and works to connect patients with available services in the community.  The goal is to achieve greater functional ability, improve patient and family commuication, patient safety and better health, by utilizing all available services including social and legal service when needed.  Carole Feintech is a certified and experienced massage therapist with special interest in massage as a complementary treatment for individuals with neurological and medical conditions.  More information regarding these new services is available under Services.

    The following integrated services are available at Northwest Neurology:

This web site provides you with an overview of our practice and the field of neurology.  As you navigate the site, you’ll find information about Northwest Neurology’s practice philosophy, physicians, our area office locations, insurance policies, and appointment scheduling procedures. You may request an appointment by clicking here and someone will get back to you. Northwest Neurology is excited to be on social media including Facebook and Twitter, where we can speak out on what's new in neurology! For your own protection, please do not post any personal health information via social media.  

We hope you’ll find valuable information on the web site about Northwest Neurology and the practice of Neurology in general.  We believe informed patients are better prepared to make decisions about their health and well being!

Offices in Lake Barrington, Rolling Meadows and Hoffman Estates, Illinois
NINDS Disorders is an index of neurological conditions provided by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS). This valuable tool offers detailed descriptions, facts on treatment and prognosis, and patient organization contact information for over 500 identified neurological disorders.

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